eZeeBase Terms

Last updated: May 27, 2021

These terms are serving as an addition to existing LikePay terms and policies. By using LikePay's product you agree to these terms, LikePay's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and, in case you or/and your end users are citizens or travelers to European Union, to Data Processing Addendum.

These terms have an aim to specify and clarify the terms on which LikePay provides you a service of eZeeBase and you using it.


"Project Owner" - LikePay customer, who registered a eZeeBase account and created a project, which project id is used to run eZeeBase on a particular website.

Lawful basis and transparency

Justification for data processing activities

LikePay justifies activities of processing your data based on GDPR Article 6, 1.a: "the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes;". That means that you and all eZeeBase customers give a consent for LikePay to process data for the purposes listed in LikePay terms and policies.

What information we process and who has access to it?

Purpose of the Information Processing

LikePay collects and processes your information to provide eZeeBase service to customers in the best possible way. Particulary we collect information to ensure work of the following functions:

  • identification of customers
  • verification of identity by LikePay
  • connecting Firebase projects with eZeeBase SDK

What information we collect?

eZeeBase collects the following information about its owner and his Firebase project through customer filling in the information in neccessary forms.

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Profile Photo
  • Firebase project config
  • API access keys

Who has access to your information?


LikePay as an eZeeBase provider has access to all data collected, but this access is limited to dedicated employees and officers.

Project Owner

You can access and change you data through eZeeBase settings.

How we protect your data?

Data Encryption

eZeeBase uses HTTPS, meaning data between websites and our servers is always encrypted.


Before displaying project or personal data to you we authenticate you using authentication service provider's token, which is signed by the provider.

Permission Rules

eZeeBase uses strick rules of permissions of access to user data.

Data erasion

We delete user data upon request of the eZeeBase project owner. Project owner can reqest erase end user's data by sending his request to info@likepay.co. End user's data will be erased within 30 day since we receive a request from project owner.

Data rights

Request and receive your data

Customers can request and receive information about their data stored at LikePay. They also have a right to know how long LikePay plans to store their information and the reason for keeping it that length of time.

Customers can request an access to their data by sending the request to info@likepay.co.

Correct or update innacurate or incomplete information

Customers can correct or update innacurate or incomplete information by accessing their eZeebase account.

Delete personal information

You can request to delete personal information by sending a request to info@likepay.co.

Requests are promised to be fullfilled within 30 days of the request being received by LikePay.

Ask to stop data processing

Customers can ask LikePay to stop processing their data by sending a request to info@likepay.co.

Requests are promised to be fullfilled within 30 days of the request being received by LikePay.

Receive data in a commonly readable format

Customers are promised to receive a copy of their data in a csv or spreadsheet format, which is considered to be commonly readable.

Object to LikePay to process your data

Customers can object usage of their personal information for direct marketing purposes by following the unsubscribe instructions included in such marketing messages.

Limitations of Liability

LikePay has no control and no liability over Firebase projects, which customers use with eZeeBase. LikePay should not take any responsibility over any consequences caused by project owners' usage of eZeeBase.